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I have two separate series that I am trying to create. One follows John Otter on endless adventures at sea and will be based on most of my actual experiences as a professional captain. The other series is a Key West based detective named Taylor Niche. 

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The Tahitian Pearl A John Otter Novel -
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Killer Aboard
John Otter Book 1
A killer strikes on a sail training ship half way across the Atlantic Ocean. Communications with shore have been severed. The killer can be anyone on board. Can Captain John Otter weather the storm, keep his students safe, and find the killer in time?

The Tahitian Pearl
John Otter Book 2

A businessman is found murdered in a Monaco hotel room.  A billionaire’s yacht has been besieged by pirates. 

The search for a 500- year-old treasure ship has just turned deadly. John Otter, caught in the middle of it all, must stay ahead of the ruthless pursuers before it costs him his life. Is there anyone he can trust?

Dark N Stormy-2021

​Book 1-Taylor Niche series

A burnt out Miami detective is cooling his heels in retirement in Key West. He is asked to help the Key West PD with an investigation into a murder they can't solve. This thrusts him into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a killer, the Russian mob and an island hell bent on his demise. 

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