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 Killer Aboard

John Otter Book 1

A killer strikes on a sail training ship half way across the Atlantic Ocean. Communications with shore have been severed. The killer can be anyone on board. Can Captain John Otter weather the storm, keep his students safe, and find the killer in time?

Reviews For The Tahitian Pearl 

A suspenseful masterpiece set in all the locales I want to visit to some day! 

Jackie Morton


The Tahitian Pearl is nonstop action from page one till the end. All the characters mesh like they were made for each other. Looking forward to the next John Otter Novel. 

Jim S. 

Loved this book! Wonderful piece of story telling by Sean Blaise. Great character development, thrilling plot twists, and a little something for everyone who enjoys adventure/thrillers. Blaise obviously knows his stuff when it comes to seafaring. Looking forward to the next book in the John Otter series. Craig N.

John Otter finds himself in the middle of things once again. A fast paced thriller with lots of action as it flows quickly. An enjoyable thriller that wi,.ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Marissa

A well written movie script with a blend of James Bond, Dirk Pitt, and the briefcase from the Pulp Fiction movie. .....Well done for a first time author. The good guys have blurry morals and the bad guys are really bad. 130 octane jet fuel read. Now that's fast. Agamemnon

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